Founded in Utah Valley, Utah

About us

Red Roca Coffee, formerly Real AF Coffee, was started in a basement in American Fork, with the vision of empowering Utahns with premium specialty coffee. We noticed that there really aren't a lot of specialty coffee options, especially if you live in Utah Valley, so we hope to give you a convenient choice.

Red Roca Coffee was started in order to facilitate people being free to be bold and share their truth. It's with this in mind that we have local Utah designers and artists create their own designs for our coffee bags. Each one has a unique message that we feel will resonate with many Utahns. 

In addition to our online retail bags, we are in the process of acquiring a physical location where we will be able to do a full service coffee bar. Let us know if you are interested in having a full service coffee bar.

To us, coffee is a symbol of being bold and authentic. The Red Roca brand is a tribute to the bold people and topography of Utah that aren't afraid to be what they are. 

Be bold, be you.